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Crane 12KP

Crane 12KP

Mounted rotary crane 12KPZU installs on derricks of following types: VM1-41, VB53×300, 1VBA53×320 and 4VB53×300.
Mounted rotary crane 12KPZU-A installs on twin-pole drilling rigs of following types: BU-2000, BU-2500.

Crane 12KP. Mounted rotary crane 12KP  designated for loading/unloading works on catwalks of drilling rigs. The crane performs pipes, tools and service parts loading and unloading   as well as stowage on the catwalks and carriage from catwalks to window opening and to the working site.
Crane designated for operation in moderate  and cold climatic zones in compliance with State Standard 16350-80 of Russia, placement category first, in accordance with State Standard 15150-69 of Russia.

Lifting capacity 3 tons.

Range of action 0,5m to 12m

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